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January 2011



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Jan. 28th, 2011




by : LonelyAutumn(ch2_purple)

“We all life for two purposes, One is to exist, the other is to live”



Seoul, South Korea

A twelve years old boy shaking in his fear. He looks before his eyes and saw someone, a man. The man that he saw is someone that his eyes full of lust towards him. He try to run from that place, but he can't cause all the door is locked. Then, that man catch him, and try to sent his lust towards the boy.
“No..!please..! No..!! stop..!! don't..!!!” The little boy cry and beg the man to stop, but his misery hear like something beautiful to the man ears.
“Stop..! No..!! Help..! Help..!! No...!!!” The boy keep struggling to push the man above him, but, he can't do much, the man strength is bigger than him. Then, that little boy just cry out of his unlucky life and fainted.
Jaejoong sat in his bed while his face covering sweats. He sighed, and think why does that dream should hunting him for the pas few years. He hug his knees and cry. He wondering why he has such a bad life..? why his life is not normal like other teenagers..? he cry and cry until he tired from all of those and sleep.
When the morning come, Jaejoong open his eyes. Try to adjust light that come from his window, and pull out the curtain to cover it. Jaejoong hates light, cause it seems so different from his life. It's dark. Jaejoong then start to take a quick shower and headed to his college. He use his thick glasses that usually use by the book worm, and it so big until cover his used to be beautiful eyes but now changed into darkness stare and he also has a long fringe that covered his face.
As usual, when he arrived to school, he will rush to his seat, a dull seat in the back, near the wall, he didn't like to sit close the window, cause, yes, he hate light and sun. When all of his class friends have friends, he has no friends until now, well, he didn't want to make any though. He enjoy his loneliness. Even, his classmates, barely remember him as their classmate. Some that recognized him, just think he is some of kind creepy student that didn't like to have friends.
When the teacher come, Jaejoong took out his book and pencil, try to copy all his teacher give to him. That was continue until the last bell ring, that showed it was time his school finished. After his school routine finished, Jaejoong goes to library and stay in there until his shift work in one of the restaurant come. He changed his uniform to a cook assistant with black apron. After he finished work in that restaurant, he goes to other his work place, a market, and then at 1 a.m he will go home and sleep.
Yes, that was Jaejoong life for all these past year, a life without someone else beside him, a life without happiness, a life that was cold, a life which other people never have, a life that has no light.


New York,America

Yunho groaned from his sleep, when he heard his alarm. He turn it off, and stretch his body and smile remembering his dream. Last night he dream, he found an angel, an angel that was so beautiful but yet, the angel, didn't smile. The angel, just sit near the lake and look up at the moon. While yunho think about his last night dream, he hear his mother call him out.
“Yun..Yunho, honey, it's time to wake up,dear...and hurry come down to have breakfast..” said his mom while knock his door.
“ I'm up already mom, and ok, i'll go down after finished shower.” said yunho while rushing to his bathroom. After he finished showering, he run to dining table and found his parents there.
“Morning dad, mom..” said yunho while giving his mother a kiss in her cheek.
“Morning yunho.. and here is your favorite breakfast..” said yunho's mom while give his son a plate of kimbap.
“Are you ready to school in Seoul Yunho..?” ask his father.
“Yes, dad, i'm ready..” said yunho while munching his food. His mother look happy for him, cause her son will go back to korea, their hometown, but there is also worry in her heart cause it means, they will be separated. Yunho sense his mother worry and turn to look at her and give her assuring smile, try to said that he will be okay.
“Fine, have you pack all you things..?” ask his dad. Yunho then nod.
“And what will you do after this yunho..?” ask his mother.
“I think, I will play basketball with Alex and others for the last time mom..” said Yunho.
“very well then, just don't play to much, tomorrow you will have flight..” said his mother. After finished his food, he then go to basketball court near his past school. He was the basketball team before, so he try to have a proper goodbye to his team by play with them for the last time. After that, he and his friends, go to one of their favorite bar and chatting their until night. He laughed, enjoy his friends companion, something that he sure will miss when he go to Korea.
When the time comes, Yunho was ready in the airport, waiting his plane. His mom hold his hands for all the time, he know, his mom just too worry about him. Well, he was their only son, so, what you'll expect..?
“Yunho.. your plane is here..” said his father to him. Yunho then stand from his sit and say goodbye to his parents, he murmured I Love you to his mom and dad for the las time, before heading to the gate.
It was late evening when yunho arrived in seoul, he searched his cousin and spotted him.
“Changmin-ah..!” said yunho while waving to changmin.
“Hyung..!” changmin then rush to yunho side and hug him.
“how are you little cousin..?” ask yunho
“yah..! I grown up already..! look..! I am taller than you right..?” said changmin, grinning and help yunho bought his belongings.
“yeah, but not built as my body lil cousin..” said yunho smirking.
“Aish..! whatever..! just look one day I will have a good body.. better than yours..” said changmin pouting and headed to his car, and start to ride to his home.
“Aigoo.. that will be loooong journey.. hahaha...” said yunho.. When he arrived at his uncle's house, they give them a lot of food, well, maybe they forget, that his appetie is not big as their son, but well, he loved here. Yup, he will like live in seoul, cause he has his food monster little cousin that will company him all the time. He just can't wait to move to his new school and make a lot of friends, and brighten his day..!


Aug. 20th, 2010


Writer's Block: Me, myself, and I

Which one word would you use to describe yourself, and why?


coz i like to lead sometimes,, many people like to being lead by me and they said i was a good leader..haha..

Apr. 4th, 2010


(no subject)


Yunho phone starts ringing. It was the fifth time this morning. And then he open his eyes and watch his phone. The call was stopped, and when Yunho start to go sleep again. Suddenly he heard someone knocked his door. With tiring eyes, he walk slowly to the door.
“Yunnie..!!” said Jaejoong while hugged him. Yunho gasp.
“OMO..! Jae... what are you doing here..?”
“well, I have call you for many times and you didn't answer my call, i'm afraid there is something happen to you, so.. here I am..” said Jaejoong while grabbed Yunho arms.
Yunho looked confused with him and suddenly check out what time now. 5.45..!!
“Jae.... it's still 5 .45 now.. I want go sleep again, cause tomorrow i'll have meeting..”Jaejoong suddenly hugged him and said
“No..! I wont let you sleep again... Now, hurry up and change your clothes.. Cause I saw you didn't have time to do sport again dont you..? so,, how bout you run out of your apartment..? huh..?”
“Sport..?? UUH..!! Jae..! I dont think I want do it..” Said Yunho lazily
“No.. No..! You have to watch your health Yunnie.. Don't work to over..! you will be easily get sick..! Now, change your clothes.. come on..” Jaejoong pushed him to the bathroom and give his sport clothes.
“B but.. Jae..”
“CHANGE..!” Jaejoong highly his voice and that make Yunho give up and change into his sport clothes.
“okay..! You have to run 5 times okay Yunnie..?”
“FIVE TIMES..? Jae..! I even not sure that I can run twice..!”
“Oh..! Come on..! You can do it Yunnie.. I trust you.. and.. don't think you can cheat on me.. I have ask the aunt near your apartment to count how many times you have run.. and I will make a special breakfast for you..” said Jaejoong smiley.

What is he doing..? OMO..! FIVE TIMES..?? I even not sure if I can run TWICE...! my body just TOO TIRED now, cause yesterday I go home late, and I still dont have much power now.. But Jaejoong suddenly came and.. and.. make me RUN..??And he even ask the Lee ahjumma to count how many times I have ran..??!! UH..!! I HATE THIS...!!

Finally I can make Yunho doing sports again.. hehehe I just love to think the way he will eat my cooking after he do sport.. I know he will eat for twice or even more.. ah...! I just love to see him eat my food...


Finally Yunho have ran for five times. He was out of breath now.. The first time he run, he still feel nothing. But after the 3rd lap he felt his legs was going to be broken. He was an athlete in his school during the senior high school and in university. But he had stopped to do sports since he started to work 2 years ago.

“My dear yunnie... as I promise you before.. this.. enjoy your food yunnie..” said Jaejoong.
Yunho looked at the plate and then eat.. He was starving.. so he eat fast and ask Jaejoong to fill the plate more. Jaejoong winded his eyes, smirking. He like the way he looked Yunho eat his food. After the breakfast, yunho go to his work and left Jaejoong in his house.
Jaejoong stayed at Yunho house for cleaning. He tidied Yunho bed and wash his clothes. And then when he opened Yunho desk. He found their album photo.. Then he opened it. He looked one by one their photos and chuckling. And he stooped at the picture when they had their first date.

It was saturday and Jaejoong prepared for the date with Yunho. He cooked food that Yunho like and also made a watermelon juice.. one of Yunho favorite fruit.
“Hey Jae...” said Yunho
“Waiting long for me..?”
“Well, not really.. I just arrived here 5 minutes ago..”
“Well, alright.. Let's go..” Yunho said as he grabbed Jajeoong hand. Jaejoong smile blushingly
“Alright, what do you want to choose first...? asked Yunho. Yup, they were in Seoul Disneyland now. Jaejoong looking for the game that he really loved..
“Ah..! I want that..!” said Jaejoong while point the roller coaster.
“Well, are you sure..? you're not afraid..?”
“Of course..!! That was my favorite game since I was kid..!”
“Well, as you want jae.. Let's go..”
At that day, they were played around in the Disneyland. Jae was really enjoyed the way Yunho take care of him when he slip out or someone flirting at him. He felt safe around Yunho
“Ah..!! I'm hungry..!” said Yunho while rubbing his stomatch
“Hungry..? Hm.. well, I have made a food for us.. Do u want to try it..” ask Jaejoong
“Really..?? You can cook Jae..?”
“Of course I can.. well, let's have a sit there..” Jaejoong point at the tree in the garden.
“Alright..!! ja, jal mok get sum ni da..” said Yunho
“How was it..?” ask Jaejoong
“Hm.. Hm..Uhm..” Yunho didn't answer
“How was it Yunho..?”Jaejoong ask with no patience again.
“The food is...ho..honestly great..!! it's delicious jae...”
“really..? well, good then..” said Jaejoong proudly
At 8 p.m Yunho was driving Jaejoong to his house.

In Yunho's car

“Well, it was great have a date with you Jae..” said Yunho
“Eh,, hm..” Jaejoong smile gently and that made Yunho cant control his reflection. He then kissed the red soft lip of Jaejoong. Jaejoong was shocked for a moment, then he starts to enjoy the kissing scene. They kissed for about 2 minutes and gasp for an air. Yunho staring at his lover eyes and said
“I love you Boo...”
“Boo..?” Jae eyes winded
“Yeah, boo.. BooJae.. That's your nickname that I give to you starting this day.. You dont like it..?”
“Eh..? Well, not really. It's ounds good for me..” That was the answer that Yunho want to heard. He was scared if Jajeooong don't like it.
“So.. Can I also give you a nickname..?” Ask Jaejoong
“Alright.. I'll call you.. Yunnie since this day..” said Jaejoong
“Yunnie..? Hm.. okay..! I love it.. and remember just me that can call you Boo.. not any other man or woman can call you like that okay..? and so do I.. just you who can call me Yunnie.. alright Boo..?” Jaejoong smiley understand. He was happy at that time. Happy that Yunho loved him, and happy that he choose the right person.



first fan fic...



Jaejoong and Yunho was already a couple for 5 years... But one day, Yunho was changed. He felt bored about their relationship. He was think to run from Jaejoong the whole time, because Jaejoong disturbing him by calling him every time when Jaejoong missed him. And then he came at the final decision.. He want to dumped Jaejoong by leaved him to go to other country for very long time.. But at the same time he want to leave, Finally Jajeoong gone first.. and between the times Jaejoong gone, suddenly he realized, how much he loved him..

Main actor :
Jung Yunho (24th years old)
The manager in his work
Have a younger brother named Changmin

Kim Jaejoong (24th years old)
an elementary school teacher
he was the only son in Kim's family

Others :
Jung Changmin (22th years old)
Yunho's younger brother

Park Yoochun (24th years old)
Work at the same place with Jaejoong
Jaejoong's bestfriend

Kim Junsu (22th years old)
Jaejoong cousin that really loved Jaejoong as his own brother
Changmin's bestfriend

this is my first time write a fan fic..so sorry for the wrong grammar...^^

Mar. 21st, 2010


(no subject)

Starting tomorrow, my country will held national exams!!
For senior grade in high school!!!
N I was a senior!!! So...akh!! I guess, I can't read any yunjae ff in a week!!
Oh NO!!!
Yun appa,jae omma,mianhe...
But I will read ur story after the test is finished!!
Wish me luck appa,omma!!!
And give hug to my lovely oppa,,changmin oppa!! Said to him that I love him!!!
And also big hug to yoosu!!!

(no subject)

I'm searching for yunjae/jaeho fansss!!!!! Kekeke...
Well, I look for dbsk fans here..so please be my friend??^^
Ah and I also looking for yunjae/jaeho fan fic!!!

Jan. 5th, 2010



first time write live journal...
sorry for my laziness...
i'll try to update here...